Hello August

Wow!  Has August come upon you as it has me!  I am having a great summer, filled with vacation, and vacation bible camp, coffee and dessert with neighbors, friends and fellow summer seekers.

The word of God has been so rich in and through preaching, enjoyed sharing with the folks at Norway Bay on Sunday Night, and also look forward to my Sundays spend with my church family at Elgin Street Baptist Church.

Praying for a great group of woman who has head up to Northern Quebec, and I am trusting God to work in and through them.

Missions, is such a rich gift of God, for God, and I look forward to what God has done through this talent group of women.





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Diving In

Wow!  These past few weeks have been crazy busy, and extremely uncertain health wise.  What is certain is sciatica is painful, and has caused me to attempt to “Be stiller and know that He is God”  Pouring into people has become a daily event, learning to let God pour out to me, hasn’t been so easy.  Knowing His word, keeps bringing me peace, knowing his directions ~ keep me running.

Last nights dream, the dog wrapped around a plug that is melting into his skin, and me running around trying to get the plug off the dog, and myself to the airport, to pick up my ticket to Bolivia.

Never did get the ticket to Bolivia, but was able to get unto the shuttle that was taking the group to the airplane.  Clint was working on my behalf to find my ticket.  The ticket was going to cost more because  I hadn’t picked it up on time.

Okay, Lord, just you and I have a lot of challenges to work out, and this week will continue the journey we have together.

I have had an amazing week, found the most awesome cafe in the middle of Almonte, “jazzy” little cafe, with flavoured teas and wifi.  A good sermon n the mix and I had an amazing afternoon yesterday.

This morning The Antrim, but this afternoon, the River side down at the boat launch on our road.  Sitting pulling the bulletin together and listening to the water carress the rocks, as the sun pours down from above.  Washed in His love, held in his arms, just the filling I needed to go and pour out more.

Lord, as I lay me down to sleep, I pray you Lord my sleep to grant.

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Clark Pinnock

As I pen this entry, I am sadened to realize family and friends are gathering at Little Bethel to say good bye to an amazing Mentor who I learned so much from.
Clark died last Sunday, heart attack, but one thing for sure, is Clark had one of the biggest humblest hearts this world will ever see.
Clark’s passion for God, his love for Jesus, and hunger for the Holy Spirit to move among all people will never be forgotten.
I think of hours of dialogue we spend in supervision, as I realize the influence he made on this world, I am humbled, he would spend time with me, to help me, process my “Bigger picture of God”
Clark was never afraid to consider others opinions, even if it resulted in rejecting the idea, Clark would never reject the person, or make anyone feel less than “a child of Christ.”
Clark you will be missed, Dorthory, thank you for sharing him with us for so many years.

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As we grow together as brothers and sisters serving the Lord here in this place, we grow stronger. I have come to appreciate securities and insecurities and am thrilled to partner with God in bringing out the SWOT principle. To discover peoples strengths is such a blessings, and to walk people through their weaknesses is such an honor. I continue to pray for Opportunities, and pray through Threats. 19 lives touched and changed for the Lord, in the span of two three hour mornings. And as the week closes, the service this morning ended in a response chorus, I will great determination, walking into the week ahead, sau with full assurance. I will follow, follow all the way. ~ thanks God for everything ~ “It’s all good”

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Wow! Power Of The Word ~ Heat of the world

For the last two days it has been over 100 degrees out, and people are feeling it.  I think of the way the heat is melting people, and can’t help wondering what it is going to take to melt our hearts with the power of the word, as effectively as the heat of the world.

Connected with people of ESBC fellowship, and was greated with warm welcomes, and glad faces.  It sure is good to know that an open heart, and a word of prayer, is just as cool as 70 degrees day rather than what we have today (okay not really) but prayer with the people of God is always refreshing.

The Grove, The Fountain, and Hughes Street all part of today, all part of who God is shaping me to be, and using me to shape.  So as night falls I think of White Lake friends, Stouffville relatives, and family right here in my midst, and all in all, I have had a thankful day, one that will never be repeated, and one that will never be considered wasted, too many friends, too many activities, and now a cooler nights rest.

Wow to start the day with the power of God’s word ~ and have good shape the world with each step I take, I give all grace and praise to him.

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Hello world!

Wow! I’m diving into the world of blogging.  Ps. 72:8 “He shall have dominion.” And I ask what His Dominion looks like in my life?  Have I given him all to be in charge of family, friends, finances.  I sure would like to think so.  Do I wake to hear his voice, I sure would think so.  Then I remember the times, I stop and wish relationship were deeper, friends were closer, and finances were more flowing. And already I know to stop this blog and realize that life is more important than super analyzing myself.  God is good, He does have dominion, and He not only rules from sea to sea and to the ends of the earth, but he rules in my heart, mind and soul.  And there  in is where I find my rest. ~ Jules

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